"Greetings and Salutations" as a favourite movie character once said. 

And "Here's my blog. Welcome to it." said another.

I'll be posting random thoughts, some photographs, and possibly even some information and discussion about some styles and techniques and locations.

Stop by from time to time when you have time to kill ;)


-always learning,


Hidden in plain sight - Jeff Hamon Scenic Fine Art Photography Regina SK

August 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

What do YOU see in this image?

Anything interesting to take photos of? This was taken from the "no-no box"-- if you're standing there is a range and eyeline you should 'never' shoot from, that being about head height and angled and where we would normally see things as a human where our eyes spend most of our time. Because that is 'boring' photographically. 

I found five different things to photograph in this 'scene.' #1 was the tree to the right side of the frame.

Then the stump sticking up at the back of the scene was next.

Followed by a couple mushrooms.

And, yes, it was this tree that got my attention the most. The one 'broken and laid over'. 
But, what, it's just a dead tree....... Right?

I saw this 'face' in the ground-end of the tree right away. But then again, I'm kind of a camera geek with an odd sense of looking at the world around me. Makes for good photos, though! Hahahaha

Next time you go for a walk, take time to look at things from different perspectives or angles. Or even stop and look behind you from time to time. Even if you're not paranoid, you'll still get a neat view :)



Jeff Hamon Scenic Fine Art Photography Regina Sask: The forest floor

July 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I love my 'bug suit.' Well, let's clarify. I "strongly dislike" mosquitos and can only handle so much bug spray so a few years ago I got a nice nylon mesh outfit with full mitts and a hood. While I was away this past week at Baker's Narrows in Manitoba, on Lake Athapapuskow, I had to throw on the ol' bug suit as I ventured into the trees for some macro photography. 

Stump and mushroom

It was also a fun experience (when I WASN'T wearing the mosquito-netting-suit) to have a group of campground kids follow me around after they saw me laying on the ground staring at a leaf through my camera lens. "Hey guy who takes pictures, how about this? How about that? Is this pretty? How about this acorn?" etc. It was pretty amusing.  

In Denial

They really got a kick out of how I told them that sometimes you just have to stop, get down really low and see what's down there on the ground or the forest floor. The things that we normally don't get to see or pay much attention to, as "non-photographers."

Standing Green Leaf











It's only the geeks like me who stroll past an old stump or leaf and feel the need to lay down, covered by mosquitos and black flies, and get a close up shot of it to show others.

I hope you enjoy this little set, some of which will be available for purchase as a set of smaller pieces in one 'collage display'!

Always keep lookin' down!
Yellow Leaf Acorn Bed

Jeff Hamon Scenic Fine Art Photographer Regina Saskatchewan
Gold Leaf on Pine

Back on Sunset Trail

June 11, 2013  •  1 Comment

I know. Me and a sunset.

How... overdone. I had to look back on my blog postings and, yes, it really has been since December. There's been a fair amount of 'life' since then, including the whole loss-of-two-jobs thing. But it really has brought me back to how much I love photography and why I enjoy the scenic photography so much...just being there and feeling, breathing, taking in the scene around you.

Sometimes you get a shot out of it. Sometimes you don't. I just said to my friend, Paul, the other day: "it's the same for everyone...you show (what you hope is) your best work, it could have taken 100 shutter presses to get there and that doesn't matter one lick. What counts is the final image that people see."

So, once again I return to my instructor Lori Maxim's mantra: don't show me your camera, show me your images. Tonight's, as has sometimes been the case... thank you iPhone.

Yes, I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. It really is a story of "the best camera is the one you have with you." And learn how to use that tool. For those interested, there are rumours floating around about me potentially instructing an iPhoneography class in the fall... neither confirming nor denying! But I can attest to the fact I have won photo contests with "the best camera I had with me" and I'm very happy about that!

And, yes, yes, it is almost the longest day of the year. We all know that; some of us just won't admit it. For me, that just means the maximum available minutes of natural light photography so bring it on! I'm not afraid of the summer solstice.  And, unless I post (hopefully! Since I'm between jobs once again) again soon, I'll see you again at/after that event! Enjoy your summer season! And, as the saying goes; shoot early, shoot often. Pictures, of course. Shoot lots. Show few. People may think you know what you're doing. Maybe you DO...  works for me! :)


Welcome to Winter 2012

December 24, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

  Well, it is official. It is past December 21 and that means... a) we are all still here and the calendar continues, and b) it is past the Winter Solstice and we are now into 'WINTER'.  However, if you're like me and residing in Saskatchewan, we have been in 'winter' for a couple months and buried under record snowfall already.

  What better way to celebrate the DAYS GETTING LONGER (which means: more light on both sides of the day for me to photograph with!) than to get out into this climate that is, at times, woefully cold and bitter...yet can make for some great photographic opportunities.  We had been hit with a very long-lasting, thick frost on everything around us for the better part of a week so I felt compelled to get out with my camera like so many others and document it.  There are usually two conditions that get me out with my camera. Frost is the default. And then either a crystal blue sky or completely socked in with grey fog/mist/whiteout conditions.  Hopefully you find some of these enjoyable!

This was a great day -- total whiteout conditions outside Regina and who, except a fool with a camera, would be out walking through a field along the side of a highway? (this guy) I was rewarded with a few nice shots this day...one of which will remain unseen until my next showing in late February. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

   While on my cross-country skis at White Butte trails, I met a septugenarian who tries to get out on the trails almost every day. Yes, he passed me. First time on skis for me in over two decades.  I was impressed enough to immortalize him in a photo at one of his favourite spots.

  I actually had a person honk at me as I was passing through a field, with my snowshoes and my umbrella to shield me from the wind and snow. Friendly Saskatchewan folk! :)

   This will likely be my last blog entry for 2012 so I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2013 ahead!  Thank you for visiting my page and blog and thanks to those who have purchased art prints---yes, many of my images are available for purchase in various sizes and formats/media!


Reflecting on Autumn

October 10, 2012  •  1 Comment

  I had a late night last night and woke up this morning, without an alarm. It wasn't enough sleep for my liking, but I sat up and had "that feeling". Everything was very very quiet but it was light out. 7:20am. I peeked through the blinds, and sure enough: the first snow cover.

  I really dread this time of year. The end of autumn and the start of......... well, here in Saskatchewan, 6-8 months of jaw clenching hahaha. It's much too early to have snow on the ground and it will melt, come back, melt, come back...and then stay.

  The GOOD thing about this time of year, and mornings like these is: wonderful evenly diffused light. Calm. Quiet. Excellent days for a walk in the park before heading to the factory. Here's my favourite image from this morning. Nothing special to go past it every day on a walk or jog or bike ride but when the early morning light is like this, the colours come out of the autumn foliage, like they are trying so hard and gasping for one last capillary-filling breath before they give up their colours for the season.

Reflecting on Autumn   Not a perfectly still reflection this morning, but the frame just says so much. The snow has arrived. The grass is dying.  The beavers have been busy.  The leaves have fallen and are still in their death throes. The colours are pushing out.  The water was filled with ducks this morning, none of whom wanted to swim into frame to allow me to tell the story of the ripples; they were instead content to just swim around politely OUT of frame like they could see my zoom range.



  I also tend to stop and look at the things low to the ground when the first snows come. Low angles are always interesting and we see things differently. For instance, the angle of the leaf and how the grass is keeping it up despite the fresh snow on top.  And the detail of the snow crystals on the edges of the leaf and stem.


  Well, I predicted we wouldn't have any snow until mid-November. So let's see if it fades away for awhile and no real accumulation comes to stay until then.  Undoubtedly, we will have more snow than last year. But that will hopefully make for some WINTER PHOTOS that I didn't really get last year.

  Tis the season... enjoy the final days of Autumn.

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