"Greetings and Salutations" as a favourite movie character once said. 

And "Here's my blog. Welcome to it." said another.

I'll be posting random thoughts, some photographs, and possibly even some information and discussion about some styles and techniques and locations.

Stop by from time to time when you have time to kill ;)


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April 11, 2012  •  1 Comment

It's a topic that comes up from time to time for a photographer. "Presentation." How do I 'intend' my photos to be seen? 

Online in electronic form? A private showing? Hanging in a gallery? Entered in competition?

It's no secret that how an image is presented affects how the viewer's eyes see the image.  Recently I had a discussion with another couple photographers about matting and framing, etc.  Personally, I like to leave framing choice (etc.) up to the client because it's to go in their own home or as a gift for someone else and we all know frames are great to GIVE an image to someone in because it helps protect the image at least until they decide on a display option of their own choice.

Then you have mounting and laminating. Off-the-shelf mattes vs. custom-cut mattes. Which colours? What to accent? Ready-to-hang or ready-to frame? So for most of my online/electronic images I choose to simply let the image speak for itself.

For those that know me, you'll know my feelings on competition entries and the like.  There's a local competition which allows people to enter images matted or non-matted but must be mounted.  My personal feelings on this are: it can give advantage to --or harm-- entrants fairly easily.  Some people get their prints retail-or-custom-made and mounted and matted. Some D.I.Y. people make their own mattes and do their own mounting and I've seen some images that end up suffering in presentation (AND competition!) because the mattes aren't supportive colour or are hand-cut and are may not be exact or are simply glued onto a backing with liquid glue that ends up wrinkling the photo. Or taped on with scotch tape. Or 'the sticky tack' blue stuff. 

I'd much rather see a universal format or say no matting to make it more about the images at hand and not the presentation because some people don't care about presentation or aren't as well-versed or experienced in it and, frankly, that can hurt their chances.  I heard a judge comment once "it's a nice picture but the matte colour kept it out of the short list".

Really? Sad.


So today as I looked back at this old image from September and thought "it's and okay shot, what happens if I play with some matting on it?" I was at a restaurant last night and saw some framed prints hanging on the wall and said "let's pretend this was hanging somewhere in a gallery or showing, how would I do it?"

I presented two options to a friend and she said 'no contest...option B...makes it not even look like the same image'.

Old Building Triptych

So the lesson is: when you DO choose to present something - even in electronic form - will your presentation format help your image?





The importance of seeing what's around you.

March 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

  Part of the 'game' of photography is to capture what you see. Pretty easy enough, right? When you start to understand that a camera's mechanics 'see' things differently than the human eye, that's where the real game is. I'll touch on that in another blog post but the thing I wanted to mention today is: as a photographer, you only help yourself by always being aware of what's going on around you. Find 'the shots' and GRAB 'the shots' where and when you can.

  I attended another workshop with the great Warne Noyce (Warne Photography) last week at his home studio in North Battleford, working with a couple fantastic models, Amanda and Kimberly.  We did studio stuff and outdoor on-location stuff.  This day was Kimberly's day to model and Amanda was helping her with hair/makeup/wardrobe. While the rest of the gang was finding a spot to shoot and setting camera settings / flash settings, I took advantage of a couple locations and the subject who was right in front of me, in her street clothes and 'everyday hair/makeup'.

  This was a quick "two minute photo shoot" with Amanda. Two locations, a borrowed Canon 50D camera (I'm a Nikon shooter), natural light, natural diffusion (because it was early afternoon and was nearing snowstorm conditions so beautifully overcast), two shots and thank you very much! 

Cool Beauty












So, as photographer, always be aware of 'the bigger picture' around you, and your environment and sometimes some GREAT shots come with very little prep and setup. Thanks, Amanda!



The Return of Bunny Boy

March 16, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

It's Jeremy's birthday today so I wanted to churn out a few more images for him.  These are a few of the other images from our shoot in Saskatoon in February, with the spectacular makeup artist Tamsen Rae.  Always fun to 'shoot outside the box'.

Have a fun St. Patrick's Day weekend!


Bunny vs. the Paparazzi Blue Bunny Bar Bunny and the Blizzard

Wacky Weekend

February 27, 2012  •  1 Comment

One of the best things about photography is getting to meet and work with many different people.

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic makeup artist in Saskatoon, Tamsen Rae, and helped

bring to life her concept of "Bunny Boy"--all on his own in the crazy world of humans. He's just a bit different...tryin' to get by like the next guy.

My slogan of "Shoot Outside the Box" certainly applied.

What a fun way to spend a birthday!

Bunny on a Bike


First Bunny Boy's off on his bike, in weather that keeps the humans away.

Bunny Tunnel 01

Next, he stops by his favourite hole where he keeps a supply of fine Quebec beers.


What's a Bunny Gotta Do...?

Bunny Boy decides to go meet some ladies at a local watering hole. No bites this day.


Bunny does sushi

Bunny Boy gets tired of waiting for no-show friends and samples his own ear. 

With enough sake, it is found to be good.


The Bunnyfather

Frustrated, Bunny Boy sits and waits. And grinds his teeth.



All Work and no Play Makes Bunny a Dull Boy

And, of course, we know all work and no play makes Bunny Boy

a dull boy.



Thanks again to Tamsen and Jeremy for a very fun day of shooting!
(note: these photos can be found in the 'Outside the box' gallery)




February 20, 2012  •  2 Comments

Well, it's one giant leap for Jeff, one small step for photo-kind. Isn't that the way that saying goes?  

I'm going to try to keep up with a bit of blogging (I know, I'm a few years too late) here on my very own website--so welcome to it!  Over time, my blogspot will fade in activity and I thank you all for visiting it but now that I have my OFFICIAL (and very spanky) website I may as well USE it to full capacity, no?


I'm still new at the social media game and a friend of mine recently said "what good is having a website for your photos if nobody visits it to see them? What are you doing to MAKE people see your photos? Isn't that the whole point? You just want people to randomly drop in from a Google search or when they feel like it?"


It's all very true. The social network is really the crest of a wave and I've done a few tiny experiments to see just how quickly things can be seen and sent around the internet.


So it's true. I don't take photos just for myself anymore. Well, I do... but now I'm very happy to have people see them as well. So please, spread the word! Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, stumbleupon, pinterest, yadayada. If you see something you like, spread the word.

And also let ME know that you like it! That's the greatest compliment.


And for those that are telling others / pinning / linking, etc. I just please ask, as all artists do--please link and provide info to where you saw the image originally.  It's the right thing to do.


And now, enjoy my two most recent images especially for the social network crew!

"Thawing Leaf" © 2012 Jeff Hamon



"Riding the Curve" © 2012 Jeff Hamon


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