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Created 9-Aug-14
6 photos

$100 Blue Purple Floral 5x7 Denny Freedom Cloth DPM7082 retail $195 asking $100$200 Gold Bokeh 8x10 Denny Freedom Cloth CPM6952 retail $365 asking $200$100 Acid Rain Blue 4x6.5 Silverlake Colorsmack retail $199 asking $100$100 Poison Apple 4x6.5 Silverlake Colorsmack retail 199 asking $100$60 Purple pattern big - 12x10? Sorry don't have exact measurements or know where I got it from. Asking $60$100 Metal silver 8x8 Silverlake Colorsmack can't remember name - shoots in a neat way depending how you orient it and what part you show. retail $349 asking $100

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