Jeff Hamon is a photographer based in Regina, Saskatchewan. He's had a camera of some type in his hands most of his life; from 110 to disc to Polaroid to 35mm film SLR, he now embraces the world of digital SLR photography. He has completed all ten levels of photography classes through SIAST's Continuing Education program with Lori Maxim Bowering, a number of workshops and seminars (including full weekends with PPOC member Warne Noyce and PPA members Tim and Bev Walden), and continues to learn and upgrade his skill sets including the technical, creative, and post-production areas of photography.

Jeff enjoys many areas of photography and lately has been generating interest with his distinct hybrid of scenic and portrait work. His great eye for composition and background as well as knowing his way around the world of Photoshop help to create attention-grabbing images.

A lover of on-location and scenic photography, Jeff enjoys traveling to his clients and can also setup in-studio shoots. Please have a look at the galleries and contact Jeff about helping provide you with your own 'outside the box' shots!

p.s. if you ever pass by someone hunched over a tripod near old abandoned buildings, or somewhere at night, honk! Chances are it could be him. Just don't shine your lights and ruin his night vision. It could be your photograph he's working on. ;)